Maintenance Guide: Keep your car safe

Servicing generally mean taking your car to a doctor for a checkup. A service is required to maintain your car to the best of health. Regular servicing becomes necessary if you want your car to run smoothly and consume less fuel. They may also be a risk of some parts to break down. There may also arise some unexpected issue that may be critical because of not servicing the car. To reduce the risk a car should be serviced every 6 months to 1 year, depending on the mileage traveled and the car’s model. It reduces unnecessary burden.

Professional Servicing

Trade person from a service center can do the job quite well. The time required for services depend upon the mode of service you opt for. Interim service is the most basic one and generally requires 30 mins for its process. Here oil filter and oil are changed. Security is checked thoroughly to avoid in drive accidents. Brakes, lights, horns, tires, leakages of fluids and fluid levels are checked.

The other type of checking is full service where the whole car is checked if any replacement or repair is required. The checking in here includes the interim services including many more checks. This process may require 3-4 hours depending on the problems.


Self-servicing is the best thing to do. It firstly gives you a knowledge and better understanding about your car. Secondly, it can save you bucks. Give a general inspection on a daily basis or not on a weekly basis if you want to avoid errors. Some things to look after during these checks at home are

  1. Check Fluids: Oil, coolant, and water the basic fluid checks that should be done regularly. Check the level of oil in the engine after driving to avoid ceasing your vehicle from moving. Use suitable fluids for your car.
  2. Dashboard error: check your dashboards and report if you notice any errors in it. Check for the warning lights and the accelerator.
  3. Tires: check your tires it has the right amount of air pumped into Too much air or less, both would be a problem to the life of the tires. Tires can improve the overall performance of the car.
  4. Lights and indicators: Check if your light and indicators are responding soundly and are glowing accordingly. It becomes crucial while driving.


Having your car serviced can increase the longevity of your vehicle. It can also save your life in the care of some faults occurring due to don’t maintaining the car well. Have your car serviced to keep the new feel alive. If you are purchasing a used cars in Westfield servicing will keep it to a top rated product.

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