Taking Care of Newly Installed Glass Shower Door

Whether you got a new glass shower door installed or you got it replaced, you know glass shower doors are different from shower curtains. They need extra amount of care and maintenance. When given that, you save yourself from replacing your new glass shower door sooner than they are supposed to. A few steps and measures have been discussed below to help you take better care of your newly installed glass shower door.

Clean your shower using proper cleaners

Glass shower doors are very much like any other glass in your home. They need household cleaners to be kept clean. Unlike shower curtains that just need washing the fabric when dirty, these have to be cleaned on a daily basis. Also, the cleaner should be carefully chosen since some of them have chemicals that might slowly make the glass weak. Basically you should avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach. You can even go natural by mixing a cup of vinegar and five cups of water to make your cleaner at home. If you want to use a spray, you can mix baking soda with the solution prepared.

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Maintain its cleanliness by investing in right tools

Along with cleaners, you also need to pay attention to the kind of cleaning tools you are using. Using wool, steel, or any other abrasive material can scratch your glass shower door. Instead of these, you should use soft paper towel or microfiber cloth for wiping the door. If you clean the door with a squeegee after each shower, it will prevent hard water from building up on the glass.

Clean the entire shower from time to time

Though you clean your shower every day after shower using a squeegee or other cloths, you should clean the entire shower regularly. By cleaning the door and other components, you ensure there is no mold growing inside the door tracks. This helps you maintain hygiene and the door’s condition. If your shower door has no frame, take special care of it since the corners might easily chip or crack.

Install film over your glass shower door

Glasses are vulnerable and are prone to cracking and building scratches. Installing a film over the glass door gives it a support and saves it from minor bumps. After you install a film, you can still use the cleaning procedure you use for the shower glass door.

Using the above given tips will render a longer life to your shower glass door and will save it from scratches and cracks. If your shower glass door is damaged and needs a repair or replacement, you can visit https://marksmobileglass.com/auto-glass-repair-kansas-city/ for details about the services.

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