Know The Benefits Of The Shuttering Magnets

There is a wide range of concrete formwork systems in the industry. Formed concrete shuttering magnet is a new magnet assembling that is utilized to fix the framework in the industry of molded systems. There are many companies that deal with shuttering magnetsmade of precast concrete. There are many things, which are important to know. This kind of assembly comprises of several strong neodymium magnets as well as steel plates that form to a definite designed magnetic circuit. It is a circuit, which offers very much harder magnetic force to any ferrous material.

However, the magnetic power can be protected and controlled by the thick box that is made of metal. Companies develop the button to on or off and to open or close the attraction power outside of the box. If you are seeking for a system that can help you in saving money, time, and manpower, then this system offers you a right option. There are different dimensions and weights of the shutteringmagnets you can find in the market.

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  • Shuttering magnets are helpful to reduce the time and complexity of the installation of the concrete formwork up to seventy percent.
  • It is also used to remove the need for welding. The reason is that they do not damage the table made of steel.
  • It provides with the mass production of concrete products as well as piece products of all types on the same steel table.
  • It has a small cost of a set of magnets, which offer the average payback of around three months.
  • The primary benefit of the shuttering magnets is that there is no need to possess many different forms for varied products. At the same time, you need to have many magnets and adapters for varied height boards and also the steel table.

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