One of the reasons why a lot of investors venture into shipping container investment is because of the steady but large demand for this storage equipment for both the exportation and importation of goods.

This alone could help an investor grow its asset when venturing into shipping container investment due to the demand for shipping and the use of shipping containers for both exporting and importing goods.

In this article provided by Davenport Laroche, a company that specializes in alternative investments particularly shipping container investment, we will provide some important matters about how big the role of shipping containers are in the shipping and forwarding industry and some other important key points.

Davenport Laroche is based in Hong Kong and specializes in shipping container investment and leasing to private investors which continues to help drive the industry booming and strong over the years.

shipping container investment and leasing

When it comes to shipping containers, there are different types of it that have different functions for the sole purpose of keeping its cargo safe and maintain the quality until it arrives at its destination. One of the most used shipping containers is those that are built with its own refrigeration system which is used for both the importation and exportation of perishable goods to other countries.

We all know that in this aspect of shipping, the products, and goods that are being transported are exposed to a lot of risks and one of the most common and most frustrating of it all is the delay. Whether it is manmade or nature that brings the delay. The delay could be caused by bad weather, sea or port congestion and other problems that arise during the shipping of the goods to its destination.

Although it is quite expensive to invest in shipping containers that have its own refrigeration system, it is ideal and wise to pour money into these equipment because most of the products that are being exported and imported are perishable goods particularly food from other countries that require a delicate storage like shipping containers that has its own refrigeration system to maintain its quality and freshness until it arrives at its destination otherwise its price and quality could decrease due to spoilage.

Fruits, sweets, canned goods, fresh produce, crops and even meats can be shipped to other countries but staying in a container for days or weeks will make its quality deteriorate that is why it’s important to use shipping containers with the refrigeration system.

Another important matter that you should put in mind when investing with shipping containers is whether or not it is brand new or pre-owned because there are several factors that differentiate between these two types of containers which are commonly associated with its quality and longevity.

It is given that brand new shipping containers will last longer and is more durable than pre-owned shipping containers but if you’re on a tight budget for investment, pre-owned shipping containers are the ideal equipment for you to use in your business as long as these containers maintained its durability and has no any physical signs of damage or wear and tear because of usage.

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