Traits that make an individual the best investor

There are people who fear to step into the investing field. On the other hand, there are self-made investors who have excelled in every investment that he made. One of such an investor is Adam Jiwan who has started investing at a very young age. This successful investor has some things in common that makes them be the best in the investing field. The common trait that you will find in all the successful investor is:


Investing is not the thing for hot-headed. One has to have patience, to have a fruitful conclusion. It is important to realize that the stock prices to jump up and down. If it is going down then it would rise up as well. Panicking isn’t the rise way to invest in the stock. If you panic you are sure to make mistakes and this would help you to make losses.

Emotions such as greed, intuition, fear, etc should be kept aside to make sure that you get good returns. A stable might is most likely to avoid all the mistakes that are committed by the emotions mentioned. Patience helps the mind to take a right decision.

successful investor

Kill the noise

There will be a great buzz of the media and the stock market of the hot stocks that are present. These distractions tend to divert the mind. Once you have heard of it, the brain drives to that direction only because the word profit hammers the mind continuously. They are simply noise that needs to be avoided because it creates a mixed feeling in the mind. The big investors go according to what their calculations say.

Right the tornado

There are many stocks that fall in around during the whole day. This makes most of the investor tremble and they tend to sell the stocks. The best investor can see the underlying gain beneath the losing stocks. They choose to ride the stocks that are going low in a relaxed way. This trait, however, comes with an excessive knowledge of the market and the research they put in.


To be as successful as the Adam Jiwan you have to win the above traits.

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