7 important reasons to have PHR Certification

If you are looking for a job in the HR field, do you get dejected, if you see an advertisement requiring PHR credentials? It is quite common for people to question the need for specialized credentials/certification as it requires more of an investment by way of time and money. There are several reasons for a HR professional to get PHR certification. This Certification indicates that a person, who has taken the exam and passed, is familiar and capable of dealing with different aspects work related to HR management. Get started with the PHR sample test here.

PHR sample test

Why certification is essential

  1. Differentiation: Candidates with similar resumes will be differentiated based on their
  2. Proficiency: The PHR certification exam is set up to enhance a professional’s body of knowledge with a focus on planning and workforce development, managing risk, business strategy and management, labor relations, benefits and compensation management.
  3. Higher earnings: According to many recruitment firms and job websites, professionals with credentials and in senior positions earn a lot more than someone without certification. The ROI as far as credentials are concerned will pay off in the long run.
  4. Standing apart from the pack: In addition to the above, PHR credentials enhance an applicant’s chances when they apply for a job. These credentials also help with getting a promotion as they are valued by management and boost the impression of self-motivated employees.
  5. Job performance: Professionals with specialized certification and courses are more likely to do their jobs better and have more skills.
  6. Organizational performance: HR professionals with credentials have a positive impact on employee morale in many ways. They listen to their issues and are able to resolve them efficiently, design good training programs and also participate in the hiring and long term development of a company.
  7. Career Advancement: Credentials help improve the knowledge base and the ability of a HR person to contribute at every level of the organization. This in turn, helps them to boost their career advancement opportunities. Prepare yourself for the mains with the PHR sample test

All in all, the reasons to get PHR certification cannot be emphasized enough – these are just a few, from the perspective of the candidate. The reason, for why it is important and how it can help has to be addressed by each person. There are many real and perceived benefits and if there is an option available, why not take the chance to learn and boost your career chances?

Whether you want to spend a lot of time getting a postgraduate degree or do certification, it is an individual choice. HR certification helps an individual get a better idea of the overall picture. Whatever the choice, it is always beneficial.

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