HR Certification – How important is it?

More and more companies are looking for people who are specialists, even in the area of HR management. Just browse through job posts and you will notice that “PHR/SHR certification required”. So, are the courses and certifications really worth it? Is it a worthwhile investment? While certification was preferred before, it is now a requirement with many organizations. It is an established fact that people with HR certification make more money than those who don’t have it. In fact, the difference is quite marked when one has a few years of experience.  The demand for certification grows with middle to senior level HR personnel. Take the PHR sample test here.

Which one is better – PHR or SPHR?

Before making a decision, interested candidates and those working in the field should check out eligibility requirements. This will help in taking a decision on which certification is most appropriate.  Keep in mind that there are specific education and work experience requirements for each one. If you are eligible to do one or more course, take an assessment test so that it becomes easier to gauge your knowledge level. PHR questions include more terminology and based on facts. SPHR is more complicated as it puts several concepts together from different areas in one question. The decision to do one or the other will depend on a person’s needs and future plans.

PHR sample test

The next step in the process is to study hard for a few months and also take the PHR sample test.  The SHRM Learning System is a good choice as it offers comprehensive coverage of every area. Of course, there are other resources to choose from and include as part of the preparation process.

Why certification is a good idea? Why should you opt for it?

Certification is not only worth it but also a necessity for most people. Backed by the HRCI, this certification qualifies a candidate in the nuances and the ability to handle different elements of work related to managing human resources. One thing that professionals should keep in mind that they have to take the exam every three years or they will lose their title. It is essential to stay certified and upgrade skills.  The reason why recertification is mandatory is that HR guidelines and employment related regulations change quite frequently. The only way to keep up and be current is through recertification. The entire process requires dedication and a huge time investment but the rewards of doing so are pretty high.

Ideally, an HR professional should be able to use critical thinking to not only get certified but to help people on both sides of the aisle. You should be able to recognize situations in the real world.

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