Making sure that your child gets the helps they need

There are some parents that cannot give all their time to their children because they are striving hard to give their kids a beautiful life. This is only natural and they regret not being involved with their child’s life in school because this can make their kids think that they are not loved. This cannot be avoided especially if the parent’s only source of income is their work and they can’t afford to be absent since their salaries will more than likely suffer, even if it’s just for a day.

The Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has been working hard to ensure that the parents can still get involved with their children’s progress in school by putting up a very simple system, called saps ibubapa, which can help parents check their child’s daily standing in school. It is proven to be very effective and every parent is thankful for the opportunity given to them in order for them to catch up with their child’s achievements and problems in school.

Every child needs their parent’s guidance

One of the reasons why the Ministry of Education put up the SAPS is because they want the parents to get more involved with their children, especially those that are not doing very well in school. When they see their child’s grades, at least they get an idea of what’s happening and how they can put a stop to it in their own special way. This can really help the children get motivated because their parents are helping them to do better in school.

Checking their child’s progress

Through SAPS, the parents can check and note the progress that their children made in school. This includes test results, quizzes, examinations, and so on. They are also able to print the results for their own safe-keeping. Nothing beats having documentation because this is important in the future.

Making sure that the child is progressing in school

Because of SAPS, parents are able to help their children and make sure that they are efficient in school. They are able to see if their child is having unnecessary absences so that they are able to address this problem right away. Everybody deserves to be disciplined in the right way, and the parents are the only ones capable of doing just that.

A child will always need the help of their parents and parents needs to be involved with what their children are going through in school. SAPS is a system that helps strengthen this bond and parents have always been thankful.


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