Playing, Learning and Typing – Dance Mat Typing

Nowadays, learning how to type is essential not only in school but also in the workplace. Having amazing typing skills can actually land you a good job and at some companies, typing speed is a requirement. There are many uses for typing and one of its main purposes is faster communication.

Like any other skill, typing can be developed at a young age. However, this can be very boring for kids and even for adults. Typing requires lots of repetitive practice that can bore you. However, since new techniques are developed and tested each day by experts, a fun way of learning how to type was introduced to us. And of these is the Dance Mat Typing.

Dance Mat Typing is a typing online course suitable for kids aging from 7 -11 years old. It has animal characters that act like teachers and do silly dances and songs after a typing task well done. The course is illustrated with bright and colorful background and images that can grasp the fickle attention of kids

Dance Mat Typing

As a Game to Play

This typing course will definitely look like a game for kids. Following the instructions of the animated animal and imitating the virtual guide fingers will be a piece of cake for kids. Since the game is designed to have 12 stages to complete, typing will not just improve but a sense of accomplishment for the kids will keep them wanting to play more.

As a Lesson to Learn

This game will not only let kids have fun but also this will teach kids how to properly press keys on the keyboard. It will teach kids what is the appropriate finger to use with each key. It will teach the basics of typing to them little by little that they will definitely enjoy.

As a Skill to Develop

Typing isn’t just something that you can do but it is also a skill that needs to be mastered. Speed and precision are what should people master in typing. Your fingers must be as quick as your brain especially when you are communicating and also completing paperwork in work. Dance Mat Typing can help improve typing speed and precision, since there will be a timer and incorrect input of keys, will not be accepted by the program.

For more information regarding the Dance Mat Typing course for kids and also for typing beginners, you can check out to see how each level and each stage works. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun learning how to type.

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