What you should know about appearing for an online examination

 With the far reach of the internet, taking exams from remote locations that are really far from the school or university conducting it has become a normal practice. Online examinations are convenient, easy to conduct and simple to evaluate for examination centres. This option also improves the prospects of students from faraway places to study courses despite the distance factor.

Nevertheless, an online exam also presents the same challenges as a written exam does. Hence it is key to prepare well to ensure success. Mock tests and sample papers will also help you prepare for the format of the exam, as well as help you understand the different types of questions to expect. Most online exams are of the MCQ format. While this makes it easier for you to eliminate wrong answers from your choice, remember that it is also easy to lose marks when you make even a single mistake. In online examination, the cost of conducting the exam is almost nil, while for the traditional exam expenses are incurred for printing and stationary products. Organizing the exam in centers can also be expensive.

Since online exams are conducted via computers, you should be familiar with computer usage to avoid issues during the exam. Basic knowledge of computers is sufficient. However, if there is any specialized software that the centre uses, it is good to understand how it works so you do not face any hassles during the exam. Read the instructions that accompany your exam form to understand how the exam format is and prepare yourself for it accordingly. Understand the navigation structure so you do not miss out on important information or face issues while taking the exam online. Be cautious while clicking through pages, and ensure there is an option to return to unanswered questions later if you wish to revise your answer.


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