Which are the crosswords to choose for beginners?

As a beginner, it can become quite difficult to get the logic and solve crosswords efficiently. If you have just started solving crosswords and puzzles in newspapers or magazines you can definitely take help from websites such as http://crosswordpuzzleanswers that provides crossword puzzle answers to help you get the logic and understand about the puzzles clearly. You need not worry, earlier as a beginner you can start solving easy and basic crosswords and then gradually as your logic and mental power improves then you can go for difficult ones. If you are not able to solve even the basic ones or have doubt on your answers then take help from crossword quiz answers questions.

Here we have listed out some papers that are easy for beginners to solve and are beginner-friendly available on different days of the week. So try out these crosswords that you will be able to finish properly.

Which is the daily paper that should be chosen by beginners for crossword solving?

If you just want to start with puzzle solving then opt for Telegraph. For beginners, this paper provides the best crosswords that are easy to answer and will gradually improve your thinking and mental power as well as memory and general knowledge. They cover wide genres and it is enjoyable to solve these puzzles. In this paper, around 90% of the cryptic clues are the definition of the answer or some way of finding the answer by manipulating letters. You can compare the answers that you got with the next day answer sheet or if you cannot wait then look at crossword quiz answers websites.

If you think that the challenges in The Telegraph are difficult then you can try out Rufus which is known to provide less grueling puzzles and crosswords. In addition to that, the puzzles are entertaining and excellent.

There are some newspapers that set different levels of difficulty of puzzles in their entertainment section on different days of the week or fortnight. You can find easier puzzles on Monday and it gets difficult as you progress until Friday. Quixote has the easiest puzzle on Monday, once a fortnight, while DAC has easiest on Wednesday and the Phi newspaper has the easiest crossword on Friday. You can get amazing clues too for these puzzles. If you are looking to solve crossword puzzles on Sunday then you must choose the Everyman in the Observer and the Sunday Telegraph newspapers.

But if you cannot complete a puzzle and can just solve it 50-60% then you need not be ashamed. Look out for crossword puzzle answers and you can learn and finish off your crossword. So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy puzzle solving? It is a fun as well as learning experience.

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