Why Take the Quiz?

Who has ever entertained the idea of taking an online quiz about saving the earth? Probably, this sounds astute to those science aficionados out there, those trivia lovers, or those who prepare themselves to take standardized test, with science as the core. Others would say that they’ve had enough of science quizzes in school. Others might have second thoughts continuing to read this whole article.

How about taking a personality quiz on a social media platform? There is no doubt that this question needs not to be asked. You know, why? You have taken at least one personality quiz. Probably you are responsible for the generation of about 41 million page views for the most popular online quiz way back 2014. And this popularity of personality quizzes continues to rise these days. So, what would actually prompt you to take an online quiz about the earth? I’ll give you a few reasons.

planet quiz

Unselfish Provider

The earth is the only planet habitable known to humankind. It has provided us with natural resources, which nurtured our being and cultivated our innate tendencies. This planet has provided us with a conducive environment for growth, reproduction, invention, civilization, and technology use. The human race is ecologically indebted to this planet. It was claimed in 2015 that the earth’s resources for 2016 had been used up.

Home for Centuries

Our own species are the only human species to have remained inhabiting the earth. For about two hundred thousand years, the earth has been our home. It has never ceased to be one. It has never abandoned us. Despite the threats to its destruction, the earth has patiently and lovingly allowed the human race to thrive and exist on its surface, even if it is on the verge of being destructed.

At Breaking Point

The earth, as was declared, is at its breaking point. We have kept on pushing our very own home planet on the edge and it is on the verge of breaking down. We have not run out of abusive ways that imperil the very existence of our planet. Experts have warned us of the possible repercussions of our acts that pose detriment to our planet and its existence. But, it is not yet too late to save it.

What could you contribute to help save the planet? Aren’t these reasons not compelling enough to educate yourself about our planet and the present condition that it has?  Would it sound absurd to take time and visit sites that deals with saving the earth?

These sites are home to various information about the earth and the ecological issues that it has dealt with in years just to keep you and the rest of humankind in its loving embrace.  Would it be hard to read their web content by heart and take the planet quiz? If you could have spent time taking personality tests, wouldn’t it be possible for you to take the quiz? Again, you are presented with the least that you can do for your planet.

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