The Perks of Integrating Content Management System in Construction

As a contractor in the construction industry, handling projects and skilled labor are tedious work. Planning and scheduling the construction activities are quite challenging and complicated to apply during implementation since there are uncertainties involved.  Hence, with these entire complex task, ensuring that all obligation to the client is delivered in a quality workmanship while justifying the duration of the construction is difficult even how trained and familiar the engineer.

The engineers are the responsible in making sure that whatever is the design of the structure, it will be erected as per plan and with great quality control. But problems are expected to happen on a construction site, like extreme weather conditions that might hinder the progress for days. Problems with budget and material acquisition because of delayed procurement. Delayed budget releases because of slow processing of the document and mishandled monitoring. Such occurrences are expected to happen and that is why contingency is always considered in the planning stage.

The Usual Mindset of the Clients

The client always wants their project to be finished by the contractor with quality and delivered in a timely manner. They hate hearing excuses from the contractor regarding delays or change orders in the project and hence, to justify any extension is hard.

 Even with that foretasted schedule and new contingency plans, there is a possibility that things will not go as planned which makes more frustrating for the client. That is why the mindset most of the clients are that the contractor is only making excuses and might end up questioning the credibility of the people involved. Which might end up, as a result, dissuading clients in availing services again and so it is a lost for the contractor side.

Miss Opportunities

Even how ideal the scheduling and planning of the contractor, it does not matter if the tools being utilized by that contractor is not flexible and adaptable. Monitoring the planned results versus the actual and calculating adjusted forecasts has many variables.

With such volatile working environment, it is very crucial for the engineer to monitor the progress of the construction site. Therefore, it is important to see the overall activities immediately so they can adjust as early as possible and forecast more accurately. Such signals are hard to find manually and when detected, it is already too late.

Supplemental Tools

Engineers need powerful software to supplement their skills in decision making and products from content management system providers can be a great partner during the construction. High performing project management products made by Oracle like the Primate can really ease up the complexity of planning and scheduling of activities for the construction. It has features on determining the remaining budget, monitoring of activities and progress of the labor force, and show updated with a comparison of the plan versus actual progress.  Hence, you can effectively use if-analysis scenario to forecast better based on the information provided and adjust the schedule effectively.

There are also content management system products like Swiss Post Solution or accounts payable automation case study that focuses on improving the administrative processes which a great solution to prevent delays in a document related to billings, procurement, and bidding. By being aware of the new technologies available and more convenient, it can greatly affect the performance of a contractor. Especially that all activities in the construction revolve around money and delays can diminish possible savings of a contractor.


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