Unsupervised Training versus Supervised: Benefits of Personal trainer

There are lots of pros in hiring a personal trainer but this is undermined by the fact that there is a notion nowadays with everything available on the internet to self-learn, but this should not be the case for personal training.

All this will be debunked by a study of Curtis Fennel et al about the Effects of Supervised Training Compared to Unsupervised Training on Physical Activity, Muscular Endurance, and Cardiovascular Parameters.

This study   suggests that   supervised exercise   programs for   previously sedentary individuals are effective in improving overall fitness.  While a period of unsupervised exercise may result in less physical activity and a decrease in muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. This means that when one office job worker decided to join the gym, there is a greater overall result in his fitness with a personal trainer than just doing it by themselves

Muscular Endurance

The muscular  endurance data  indicates that  a  supervised exercise  program is  more effective  at improving  this parameter  compared to  unsupervised exercise. The decrease in physical activity behavior and a return of muscular endurance gains back to baseline may indicate that participants were not consistent with exercise during the unsupervised portion.

The data of the study shows that when one engages in an unsupervised fitness regimen, the muscle endurance goes back to baseline due to the fact that the there was no consistency in their regimen. This happens a lot when we feel that we cannot continue on increasing the intensity that we should do in order to level up.

Cardiovascular Endurance

In their cardiovascular endurance results the studies showed the importance of a   supervised exercise program on attaining beneficial cardiovascular changes; and the lack of and decrease of beneficial cardiovascular changes that may occur during unsupervised exercise.  They believed that despite the small significant difference, it is due to the fact that there was a small sample size and that further studies on the matter should be conducted.

Overall Results

This investigation suggests that supervised exercise programs in previously sedentary individuals are effective in improving overall fitness. In contrast, even after a period of five months of supervised exercise, in these individuals, they were not equipped to exercise in an unsupervised setting and will not be able to maintain or improve their fitness without the support of a program.  However,  while the participants  were unable to meet  the recommendations of  minimal exercise on  their own without the  structure of the  program,  they did demonstrate  behavior to  continue to perform the exercise  by enrolling  in the  next session  of the  program.  This indicates a positive move in a direction that may lead to a continued increase in self-efficacy for exercise, as this structured exercise program was beneficial at improving physical activity behavior and health-related variable


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