Important things To Know About 2019’s Supercross

Racing is a well-liked event– a huge understatement. Racing is more than just ‘well-liked’. If you looked at the hoards of fans and the numerous racing activity types spawned from the idea of ‘crossing the finish line first’, you’ll know that this is one of the most renowned sporting events in the world. And among the racing types, motocross brings the grit and rawness not found easily in other events. Which is why Supercross 2019 is such an event to look forward to for all motocross enthusiasts and fans all over the world. Round 1 will be at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium.

How can I watch it?

  1. Well, you can go to the stadium and experience everything live. Just make sure you have tickets for it.
  2. Internet live streaming.
  3. Watch it on cable. What channel is Supercross on? It will be broadcasted on Fox Sports 1 and 2. If it’s on DirecTV, it’ll be on channels 603 and 604.

Supercross LiveWho’s 2018’s Monster Energy Supercross Winner?

That would be Jason Anderson. If you’re a newly-baptized fan, this little tidbit is essential.

What’s the basic format for the event?

The first stage will be three qualifying races. During the last two, electronic transponders are often used to guarantee the result’s and time’s accuracy. Top 40 races from each class will go on the night and last race of the day. Each race will split 40 racers to 20. And the ones hailed on the top 9 from each group proceeds to the main even automatically. The remaining racers will continue to battle it out. The top 4 winners will be able to join the others on the main event. For the main event, there will be 22 racers in total.

Where is the first race held?

This year, it’ll be in sunny California. Anaheim’s Angel Stadium is hailed as one of the best racing stadiums around.

What are the different classes?

For Supercross, there are two classes: 250 and 450 (250SX and 450SX), which pertains to the engine size. It can easily create a difference in performance. However, if you’re just a casual viewer, it might be hard to spot the difference. The measurement is based on engine size according to cubic cm displacement. Motocross is loved all over the world. Even casual race watchers can’t help but feel excitement when everything gets going. Being able to watch the first Supercross race of the new year will surely be one of the best experience for both avid fans and casual watchers.

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