Online puzzle games and their popularity

Online gaming is something that has become a part of the daily life of every person. It is no longer pertaining to one age group, gender. The young and the older generation play alike now. This is because of the increasing number of nuclear families. As in books there are various genres in the gaming world. And it depends on the interest of the person which genre they like.

Puzzles and their popularity

The various game genres include action, adventure, strategic, racing, simulation, puzzles, role-playing etc. etc. All the genres again have many different types and the UI of every game varies. The websites that offer these games are not blocked by the general restrictions and can be played anywhere and anytime. These unblocked games room sites have their own USP because of which a website gets famous. It can be options like not asking the player to sign-up, allowing them to save their games and maintain a dashboard of their achievements, compete with others on the score etc. Which option sells entirely depends on the type of people residing in that area.


Out of all these types of games the genre that topped the most popular list is the puzzles. There are various types of puzzle games like Sudoku, crossword, wordfit, picture, number, word search and all. These puzzle games challenge the user’s wit and keeps them involved. They need the user to concentrate and some of them can be solved very fast if the player understands the logic that is applied.

Puzzle games make the player’s brain more active and keeps them alert when they are trying to solve them. Most players at one point get drawn to puzzle games and generally stick to them though they may play other games on the side. This becomes like food to the brain without which the brain feels starved and craves them. According to a survey there are nearly 38 million monthly unique puzzle players in the US alone. That study alone is enough to show how engaging and popular online puzzle games are. Words and brain puzzles are at the top of the list among the others.

Brain puzzles take relatively less time and the player feels more accomplished when he finishes them. They are played all through the day whereas; matching puzzles are played mostly during the evenings. Puzzle games though famous among all age groups, a large number of players are usually older females. Puzzles are very entertaining in general and also help maintain our brain sharp as we age. It is also true that when a person has the habit of playing puzzles from a young age on a daily basis and continue it, their chances of suffering from dementia when they get old are less.

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