Plumbers and Princesses: Decades of Super Mario Characters

If you are old enough to remember the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), you understand how drastically the world of video games has changed over the last four decades. But one thing you can always count on is that Mario, along with Luigi and the rest of his crew, will be around to save the day. Who doesn’t love a good underdog story of an ordinary Italian plumber displaying enormous strength and agility to save the Princess, who also happens to be his true love? While their features are better portrayed in the advanced graphics and pixelation offered by today’s game-makers and television sets, Mario and his crew’s style never change.

You can recognize those blue overalls and red shirt in any decade. Though Mario and Luigi may be household names, their allies and enemies typically are not. Below, nearly all of the Super Mario characters that have impacted the gaming world for the past 35 years will be discussed. Heroes and their Friends Mario has a lot of friends and allies that appear with him through a diversity of games. Below are some of the most common heroes of the Super Mario series. Mario – The plumber and hero of this long saga, Mario has now appeared in over 200 games. Luigi – Mario’s taller brother, Luigi is also a plumber who prefers green shirts to Mario’s red. Princess Peach – Mario’s love interest and Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi – Mario’s trusted dinosaur pal who he rides on his journeys, Yoshi comes in many colors but primarily green.

all of the super mario characters

¬†Toad – A citizen of Mushroom Kingdom and loyal attendant of Princess Peach. Donkey Kong – A gorilla and close ally. Mario’s first appearance actually started in a Donkey Kong game. Some Others – Toadette (Yes…you guessed it…the female version of Toad), Miss Daisy (Luigi’s love interest and the Princess from Sarasaland), Rosalina (Found in the Super Mario Galaxy games living in the Comet Observatory), Birdo (Called Catherine in Japan), Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong’s smaller peanut shooting friend). Enemies and Anti-Heroes Similar to the heroes, there are a great many enemies that appear throughout the lengthy Super Mario series. Below are some of the more common characters that appear.

Bowser – The one and only terrible turtle and main enemy of Mario. Bowser’s main preoccupation has been kidnapping princesses. Wario – The shorter and slightly fatter version of Mario best described as his alter ego and anti-hero. Waluigi – What Wario is to Mario, Waluigi is to Luigi. Who knew so many plumbers were so talented. Some Others – Bowser Jr. (the fire spitting spawn of Bowser himself), Anatasma (The main enemy from the Dream Team game), Fawful (An evil sidekick, he often is crazier than the lead villain), Kamek (The main enemy of Yoshi), Kammy Koopa (Bowser’s caretaker when he was still in diapers), Koopa Kid (One of Bowser’s minions). Because Mario and his crew have appeared in so many games, they often undertake different roles and forms. For example, while Mario clearly is known as a plumber, in some games he is also seen as a doctor, race car driver, or an archaeologist. So what’s the bottom line? In the end, though the characters in the Super Mario series may change over time, the games still rests on the same simple premise: The Princess must be saved! And Mario is just the Italian plumber to do it.

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