Types of Super Mario characters

One of the best and the oldest console game that was ever created is the super Mario series. The super Mario series is a video game developed and published by Nintendo which over a period of time had cultivated an ardent fan following and the craziness exists till date. Almost three decades, Mario and Luigi (both brothers) had emerged as a household name and predominantly entered in to top of the list among the otherconsole games available. The game at first stick to a simple plot that is similar to many heroic tales that player can associate with. Mario our protagonist fighting to save princess Peach who always manages to get kidnap by the villains, troop of turtles of the Koopa army. Mario sets his journey enthralling the players to conquer the fear defeating the enemies and restoring peace in the kingdom which is called “Mushroom kingdom”. All of the super Mario characters have played a prominent role in making the players create a parallel world in console games.

all of the super mario characters

Some main characters of the game

Mario has also appeared in countless spin games because of its popularity. However, all of the super Mario characters remain the same without leaving the tint for the old magic to get vanished. Some of the famous characters are:

  • Mario– also known as jump man, is none other than our main protagonist of the entire Mario series and a plumber by choice. Mario has the bigger task of rescuing the princess Peach from the kidnappers and to eventually restore peace in the kingdom.
  • Luigi– the twin brother of Mario, he is the second player in the game, and the character whom the second player controls when two player session is evolved. Luigi is taller than Mario and he is a helping hand who sometimes or the other rescues Mario( check the games like Mario is missing and Luigi’s mansion)
  • Princess peach– also known as princess Toadstool, is the princess of Mushroom kingdom who gets kidnaped and the protagonist Mario rescued her several times in many Mario series.
  • Wario- when Super Mario land 2 was launched it saw the arrival of Wario, the greedy opponent of Mario. One of Mario’s main antagonist in several games.
  • Bowser– the main antagonist of the Mario series, also known as king Koopa is the leader of the turtle group that always attack the Mushroom kingdom and kidnaps princess Peach.
  • Yoshi– is an anthropomorphic dinosaur that appears in the Mario series video games. It is commonly green in color, but can also be seen in other variety of colors.

Mario series once had wiped the players all over the globe by its simple yet trilling functionality. Till date Mario series remain one of the highly recommended games in terms of console games.

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