Don’t be blue, listen to CMBLUE

When people talk about Korea, more specifically South Korea, the first things that come into mind are kimchi, Korean drama and of course, K-pop. Ah yes, K-pop, it seems like it is the national music of South Korea, it actually sounds like the embodiment of what South Korea as a country is; fun, colourful, and happy. K-pop isn’t only a hit in the country; a lot of other countries are opening their arms, ears and hearts to the lively and upbeat music. One such K-pop band making waves in the music industry is CNBLUE. If you want to learn more about these talented and good looking musicians, you can check their profiles at

The band, consisting of four members namely Jung Yong Hwa being the guitarist and main vocals of the band, followed by Lee Jong Hyun providing backing vocals and also a guitarist himself, Kang Min Hyuk providing the groovy beats for the pop band and last but not the least, Lee Jung Shin providing the fat tones of the bass, all of them are talented singers by the way.


The meaning behind the name

Most of you are probably wondering what CNBLUE stands for. Is it some sort of new colour or an abbreviation or acronym of something? Well, the CN in CNBLUE stands for CODE and NAME which makes for CODE NAME BLUE. The “BLUE” is a backronym which stands for Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional, respectively. The backronym portrays the characteristics of Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin and Jung Yong Hwa respectively.

Not only is the name of the band shortened, all the members have stage names which are actually shortened versions of their real names. For instance, Jung Yong Hwa’s stage name is Yonghwa while Lee Jong Hyun’s stage name is Jonghyun, you get the picture.

Generosity and philanthropy

Not only are these budding artists talented, they have some of the most generous and kind hearts as well. They usually donate money and rice from time to time to the needy as well as a portion of their yearly income and what they got from the Bluemoon world tour goes into making CNBLUE schools all over the world with the first CNBLUE School being in Africa and the second in the Philippines.

Not only is CNBLUE a group of young, talented and good-looking individuals, their passion, talent for the arts as well as their care for education and the misfortunate makes them one of the K-pop artists to look up to.

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