Five Tips for Renting Portable Baths

The portable toilet rental can be a very convenient service whenever large numbers of people will gather and existing facilities are not designed for this amount of people. Portable restroom rent​ can also be very useful when there are no pipes in an area, such as in a construction site or, perhaps, in the middle of a golf course.

Let’s look at five useful tips for renting portable toilets.

  1. Strategic and sufficient sanitary locations

For the most part, portable toilet rental options are very affordable. In addition, they are easy to distribute along large areas, such as land that can host festivals or concerts. When it is very difficult to get to the restrooms because they are too spaced or not enough, attendees can feel very uncomfortable and may even cause people to do things they should not do in the shrubs.

When it comes to deciphering the number of toilets needed, a good rule of thumb is to have one bath for every ten people. At a festival or a fair, most must be located in the areas of highest density.

  1. Renting the correct number of toilets

In order for the number of portable toilets to be correct, you must determine how much you will need. To achieve this, the first thing to consider is how long the event will last, and then you should know how many attendees you think there will be. With this information, the required number of portable toilets is relatively easy to calculate.

For example, say a concert lasts six hours and you estimate that there will be a minimum of one thousand attendees. As a result, nine portable toilets will suffice. It is always a good idea to leave some room for error, so it is better to rent two bathrooms for ten people to ensure that everything is covered.

portable restroom rent

  1. Think about the season

When it comes to portable toilets, remember when the event will be held. When it is summer, the heat causes attendees to be thirstier, so they drink more and the demand for bathrooms is greater. Long tails are more likely to form. In these cases, renting ten or more stations would be a smarter choice. This would keep tails to a minimum.

  1. Do not forget the sinks

Everyone knows that it is always necessary to have sinks next to the bathrooms. However, the need for sinks on other sides is often ignored. The amount depends on the event. For example, an interactive zoo should have a sink at the exit. A fair should have different sinks around the premises so people can wash their hands after eating or picking snacks.

The small sinks are the best. They are easy to transport and you can easily move them anywhere without difficulty.

  1. Take into account the budget

It’s easy to create a list of the models you want, but if you do not have the budget you will not be able to make this happen. Know your budget in advance and then make the appropriate adjustments.

One tip: instead of reducing the number of portable toilets, choose a more basic model and leave out the more sophisticated.

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