Have you ever wondered you office life is mundane and dreary. Has it occurred to you that just a little thought could perk things up a bit. For that you could begin with yourself.

How to make it work for you


  • First and foremost what you see is your messy counter with files strewn all over and used coffee mugs piled up. Declutter your working space and see you will really be finding a new drive to work and literally find things that you had thought had gone missing.
  • Try to organise and plan things in advance so that you don’t have to just lose your head at minute brainstorms. Try to store a few ideas in advance and you could just make a few changes when the need arises for any presentation or situation.


  • Try to get along with your co workers by not being overtly friendly but courteous and make them see your perspective as well as asking for their opinion too. You need not become mr/miss popular but need be the nasty person who no one wants to have anything to do with.
  • Mondays need not be hectic and a few minutes from Sunday can be taken by organising next day’s clothes, files or presentations. This will help you from rushing out every Monday forgetting something or running late.
  • Organise fun things in office like potluck, or an outing or dinner or an activity to do together. This will make people break the ice and bring in more camaraderie.
  • Don’t use your phone too much or be on the social media when you are at the office you will lose concentration on the work at hand. Limiting the usage you will be more attentive and be a better listener.
  • Post its and to do lists help a lot in helping you remember which need your urgent attention and not forget important meetings or next schedule. It kind of keeps you on track and time too.
  • Stop procrastinating, do the small jobs that are put off till the last minute, as they don’t become big hurdle in the end. It may take just a few minutes of your time but it is well worth it.
  • Consistency plays a huge part in progress and your career will get a boost if you follow this strategy which is tried and tested. Continuous updation and research will help you have an edge over others and you will definitely be spotted and get a chance to climb the corporate ladder faster than you think.

Having a long term plan is very good so you will work towards it and smaller shortcomings will not deter your progress. The target in mind will be the driving point for your future endeavours.

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