Self-help books are popular no matter what book store you end up walking in to. There’s just something about the idea of doing a task on your own that can bring excitement to anyone. Yes, there are times when we just want someone else to do things for us, but a lot of companies and publications are now advocating the term DIY – do it yourself.

You can start to notice this trend on relying on yourself to get things done. More and more restaurants are asking customers to order at the counter instead of waiting for a waiter. There are even supermarkets where you do the check-out instead of a cashier! Things are changing but there are certain areas where the DIY trend is even more prominent.

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Fix Your Own Furniture

The most famous example of DIY furniture is IKEA. This Swedish mega brand sells contemporary and stylish furniture with a cheaper price tag compared to other home furnishing stores. One reason why they manage to keep the costs down because the furniture is assembled by the customer instead of the in-store personnel. You buy a shelf, bring it home, then have it assembled. While you obviously don’t make the furniture itself, it’s quite rare to see customers putting together the items they bought. Usually, they buy it in the store, it’s assembled there, and delivered to your house. IKEA uses this business model to stay competitive and it seems to be working.

DIY Life Hacks

Go online to YouTube and you’ll find a lot of videos advocating the whole DIY trend. The content ranges from DIY home fixture videos to even making pranks with regular School Supplies. If it’s Halloween just type in the keywords “DIY Halloween” to find budget friendly solutions to your costume making needs. There are a ton of videos offering solutions that one can do on their own. It not only saves you a lot of time from asking people for help, but it can save you a lot of money in the end. The heart of these DIY videos is creativity on a budget. They show that no matter how much money you have, you can always find a fix to any problem.

Solo in the Supermarket

One supermarket that is taking the DIY into innovative levels is Target. A few years ago, the supermarket titan launched a new way to check-out some of the items that you buy. The old system used to be that you would go to the grocery, fill the cart with your items, wait in line at the cashier, then have the cashier scan your items for you to pay for. Now they’re taking out the cashier and you’re going to have to scan it yourself. It seems difficult at first but it can actually save you time.

DIY doesn’t need to be difficult. A lot of the time they’re meant to be simple enough for anyone to do. It just needs a bit of creativity and innovation too.

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