When the government provides the right type of assistance

Monetary aid is always welcomed by those who can benefit from it. Because of the success of the BR1M Program in the past years, br1m 2018 will push through as expected. Even if this program has received so many criticisms by some Malaysians, nobody can deny the fact that it has helped thousands of people.

BR1M is a way to support the poor and the ones who are not lucky enough to get a high paying job. This has helped many families who face daily challenges like not being able to feed themselves thrice a day. Even criticisms couldn’t put this program down considering that the recipients benefit from it in the best way possible.

Are there other options aside from BR1M?

The Malaysian Government has considered other forms of assistance aside from money but this has not been pushed through because they are afraid that it might create a bigger problem and spark more criticisms from those who have already been doubting this program. Furthermore, BR1M already created a positive impact on the country and its people who benefit from it.

br1m 2018

Is Politics connected to the BR1M program?

What made people who opposed the BR1M Program in the first place is that they are afraid that the government is buying, in a not so obvious way, the recipients votes. This controversy has been talked about since the start of the program and still, those who contradicted it are still fighting against it. If you look at it carefully though, you will know that this doesn’t cause any alterations when it comes to the election because the recipients are not forced in any way to vote for the current politician who is handling or supporting the BR1M.

Limited resources causes the government to think of other alternatives

It is pretty understandable that the Malaysian government couldn’t come up with the money to be given away. This has put pressure on the government to look for other alternatives aside from monetary assistance. They are still determining which objective they should prioritize so that the money is given to those who rightfully need it. there is no arguing that because it’s the right way to provide financial aid.

The government put up this program in order to help those who are in need of the money. Though not everyone can benefit from it due to the limited resources, it has still been successful and has been proven to be a huge help to different families.

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