Dual purpose steroids

The term “physical fitness” has evolved over the years. While it was once used to describe the health of an individual, today it also describes the physical attributes of a person. Today’s physical fitness means that you have to have a body that’s well-rounded, both in physique and in performance. One way to achieve this is by proper dieting and through exercise. Athletes and bodybuilders however, take physical fitness to a whole new level. These individuals are the epitome of a physically fit person.

The road to achieving similar gains is a long and tough one. It requires a lot of time, effort and dedication to achieve the body you might want. There is however, a way to shorten the path to being strong and ripped. This is by using performance enhancing substances such as supplements and steroids. Some people choose the latter over supplements simply because they are more potent and fast acting. One in particular is Deca Durabolin, a popular steroid that is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to gain mass. While it can be stacked with other supplements or steroids, Deca only cycle gains can already do the job.

Deca only cycle gains

Versatility in terms of purpose

While the steroid is commonly used for bulking up, with the proper dosing, Deca can also be an effective addition to a cutting phase. Also, because of the nature of the drug having little androgenic side effects, both men AND women are able to use it. Of course, the dosage for both differs. With the dosage for women significantly lower, the recommended dosage for men is around 300-800 mg weekly. This is commonly used during the bulking phase, with the duration of around 12-16 weeks on.

 The perfect combination

By nature, Deca can be combined with other substances to get more effective results. One of the combinations you can do is to add testosterone to the mix. A  Deca and testosterone combination may just be all that you need to get very desirable effects and results. This is one of the most common ways to use Deca. Of course, by itself, it is already a very effective drug.

One of the most popular steroid cycle combinations that involve Deca is by adding Dianabol and testosterone into the mix. This combination is mainly for bulking up and building muscle mass.

The reason behind the gains

One important thing about Deca is that it promotes nitrogen retention. This effect is greatly needed by the muscles for them to develop and grow. This is because nitrogen is very important in the creation and growth of the muscles. Have you ever wondered why athletes and bodybuilders drink a lot of protein shakes? It is because protein contains nitrogen. More nitrogen in the muscles creates muscle development and growth. This is known as the anabolic phase.

 One other useful effect of the performance enhancing drug is that it can be used as a remedy to treat injuries and joint pains. Some individuals even use the drug specifically for that purpose. The pain relief that Deca gives only require small doses. Also, unlike other steroids that can be harmful to the liver, Deca is gentler and the risk of liver toxicity is kept to a minimum. Always remember that before purchasing the steroid, you should do a bit of research about it and its legality. There are countries wherein they require you to have a prescription for the drug while there are also countries that do not. Preparing yourself can help a lot.

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