Do detox works really?

You regularly smoke marijuana and you come to get an info that a urine drug test is coming up for you to get a respectable job position which you always wanted, you might get worried thinking about how to clean up your body for it. May be you are not a regular smoker and just happened to smoke once recently, it may be found in the test! Now, you may turn to ‘cleansing drinks’. But do detox drinks works? The answer is – YES!

Marijuana dating back as long as a month can also be sometimes found in a urine test. You may be thinking why THC tends to stay longer in the body compared to other substances; the reason being that they are fat soluble, which means that THC chemicals get stored in fats around your body organs . Then it begins to slowly release . So urine tests in any time near one or two weeks will show traces of marijuana, if taken for example.

BEWARE! : It is a fact that marijuana being one of the most lightest drug, it is most common for people to get failed in a urine test due to this.

do detox drinks work


Now the question comes – How do detox drinks work? Usually, detox drinks can hide THC in urine for 4 to 5 hours. Detox drinks are natural most of the times and contain herbal materials, vitamins, minerals and other sort of things.

Urine cleanser drinks usually take 1 or 2 hours to come into effect. You must start drinking large volumes of water after taking the detox drink. Water helps you to flush out THC and toxins out of your body.

After taking the drink, you should try to urinate as many times as possible at least in the first hour.

To maximize your efforts:

  • Eat fibrous food.
  • Try fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid having heavy meals.

Try to release large amount of sweat possible. What could be better than exercise for this!
Drink large volumes of water.Just don’t smoke anymore before the test! (Isn’t it obvious!)


No doubt that you have to drink large volumes of water, but just avoid overdoing it. The fact is that drinking too much of water will make your urine diluted, which may look like somebody is trying to salvage the samples. The result may be that you will be asked to give them a new sample, at an unknown date to you, and you not being able to detox before it completely!


Now you know that how do detox drinks work, and they DO work!!! So don’t let some marijuana ruin your fine days and spend some bucks on the better option!!! Just remember not to use marijuana while trying to detox with detox drinks, it would ruin the detoxification and you would probably fail.

But be aware that there are also some useless products in the market (usually the cheap ones!), which just don’t work that much. So just don’t go for some drink which you can get cheap, instead look for the ones which have provided good service to others before. You probably won’t want to throw your money into something which will just ruin your day!

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