Health Benefits Of Cannabis and Why You Need To Embrace It

The use of marijuana is still a hotly contested topic in many homes. Even at this time where some states are legalizing its use, there is still a lot of opposition to this move coming from a lot of concerned persons especially, parents.

However in recent years, research is proving that cannabis has quite a number of medicinal values. And through constant research, we might be looking at a time where we will have a lot of our regular day drugs infused with certain compounds of cannabis.We already have quite a number of products in the market that are using these compounds for various purposes. One of these products is cbd oil.

What is CBD oil? Cbd by itself is essentially a cannabidiol which is one of the 60 active compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive, meaning that it won’t affect your state of your mind in the event that you use it. So it will definitely not get you ‘high’.

Cbd oil is therefore oils that contain certain concentrations of the cannabidiol compound. These oils have been looked at as possible medical solutions to certain conditions depending on the concentrations.


How it works. Cbd oil is taken into the body either by drinking it, by it being rubbed on the skin or in some instances it can be inhaled.

Most of the compounds found in cannabis act by attaching themselves to the body receptors and then influencing how these receptors work to produce mind altering effects.

Research on cbd has found out that it doesn’t follow this trend. Cbd acts by influencing the body to produce more of its own natural receptors that usually help the body during certain situations like when you are in pain. This is why it is being considered for medicinal purposes.

It can also be used to reduce chronic inflammations that result in pain.

Research done on cbd oil suggests that it can be used to treat people with certain types of anxiety disorders. These disorders include; social disorders, panic disorders and post traumatic stress disorders.

Research carried out on the effects of cbd on cancer patients has found out that cbd oil can be used to fight cancer. This is due to the realization that cbd suppresses the growth of cancer cells thereby reducing further damage to body cells.

Due to its effect on the brain and its sensors, cbd oils have been considered as a way of fighting the various mental disorders that are connected to epilepsy.

Carried out suggests that cbd oil may be an effective way to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. This is largely due to the effect that cbd has on the pancreas. It has been seen to lower both the insulin and sugar levels in the body in the event of them being high.

These are just some of the many health benefits that cbd oil offers.

Conclusion: The use of cannabis for medication is still yet to be accepted by many people due to its affiliations with the commonly abused drug that is bhang.

However, research is suggesting that it might be time for all of us to really consider the use of these oils in a way that will actually make our health better as opposed to the many negative views we have about it. It will not only treat some of the most severe diseases that affect us, it will also prevent some!

It’s high time we embraced cbd oil.

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