Plantar wart removal –essential information

Warts are caused y skin infections called Human papilla virus (HPV). Among various kinds of warts plantar warts are the most common type of warts. They are so called because of their existence on the plantar region of the foot. The symptoms are more in the areas where there is more pressure resulting in warts becoming tenderer and sometimes painful. Learn more by visiting the url

Although warts vanish off naturally many a times there might be a need to treat some painful plantar warts medically. If natural remedies don’t work we can try the following



  • Stronger peeling medicine (salicylic acid).Medicines containing Salicylic acid help in removing layers of warts in smaller quantities. They also help in building immune power to fight against warts. You can do this comfortably at home with occasional visits to the doctor.

Cryotherapy: This method includes applying liquid Nitrogen to the affected area with a spray or a cotton swab. You will be first given a local anesthesia as this method can be painful.

The dead tissue within the wart will be surrounded by a blister with the help of liquid nitrogen and slowly sloughs off in a week’s of time. This method may also build your immune system to fight viral warts. It is advisable to have periodical visits to the doctor till the wart completely disappears.

Some other treatments:

  • Trichloroacetic acid is also effective in treating warts. After removing the surface of the wart tooth pick is dipped in the acid and applied on the wart. This also requires repeated visits to the doctor till the wart vanishes once for all. You might feel burning and stinging sensation after the treatment. Grab more knowhow here
  • Immune therapy. This is a method where a cream or solution is applied to the warts to boost up the immune system so as to be able to fight viral warts. Sometimes an alien substance is injected in to the warts.
  • Minor surgery.This method (Curattage and desiccation) includes using an electric needle to destroy the wart. This method can also be painful and leave scars. Unless other treatments have failed, this is not predominantly used.
  • Laser treatment .This method which includes Pulsed-dye which burns closed blood vessels. The affected tissue gradually dies and the wart falls off. The treatment is expensive and if not done properly will leave scars. Its success rate is not proven
  • HPV vaccine can help to prevent warts to certain extent but is not targeted towards the wart virus that causes the majority of plantar warts.

There is not substantial success rate for all the treatments apart from boosting up the immunity levels. The most successful among all these is the Acid treatment.

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