The Symptoms of Using an Alcohol and Xanax Mixture

What is Xanax? It’s a prescription medicine to help treat anxiety and depression-related symptoms. This drug is also found under the generic name of alprazolam, and it’s marketed by Pfizer Inc. When you look at the label of Xanax, there’s a clear warning that you shouldn’t mix it with alcohol.

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Have you ever heard of the old adage, “Drink to forget?” Well, that’s because alcohol is also classified as an antidepressant. Mixing the two substances together can bring about disastrous results. Here are some of the symptoms that may come with the consumption of a xanax and alcohol mixture.

Memory Loss and Appearance of Unknown Behaviors

When a person consumes too much alcohol, they tend to “black out.” In other words, they can either faint or their mind completely loses control over their body. When the next morning comes, you’ll have no idea what happened the night before. Some instances of blacking out because of alcohol consumption can be downright bizarre. When Xanax is included in the mix, the risk of blacking out is greatly enhanced. A combination of alcohol and Xanax can lead to confusion, the production of unusual behavior, and can even greatly impair one’s personal judgment. As a result, it can bring about a recipe that can deliver a potentially disastrous experience. Some reports even indicate that this particular mixture is the cause for some cases of date rape.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Side Effects

When you combine two potent depressants that can attack the body’s central nervous system, it can produce adverse effects directed to both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Alcohol and Xanax, as a combination, can reduce the rate of breathing and slow down the user’s heart rate. Such a negative effect raises significant awareness to communities, especially if the user suddenly gets knocked out by consuming the dangerous mixture. It can lead to respiratory failure, and it can even lead to mortality if not immediately treated.

Physical and Mental Side Effects

The consumption of Xanax mixed with alcohol will ultimately impair normal brain activity. It also interferes with the brain’s natural ability to communicate with the various systems in the body. Hence, this potentially dangerous combination can lead to becoming a hindrance to physical coordination and mental alertness. It can even lead to other potential side effects such as unconsciousness, problems with balance, severe dizziness, nausea, and even staggering.

Mixing alcohol with Xanax can even lead to dependence and overdose. It can then become difficult for the consumer to stop the deadly combination because of the appearance of withdrawal symptoms. Overdosing can even lead to other adverse effects such as impaired motor coordination, confusion, drowsiness, and even coma.

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