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Welcome to the world of innovative style blind quality product. All of us might be aiming to build a beautiful and innovative style house. So one who lives in the UK can avail the benefit of it. Cardiff blind welcome you to an innovative style. You can find various types of the blind in their company. Think big and achieve better in life so that you can have a graceful life. Cardiff blind will provide you with an innovative idea for designing your windows and shutter of your property. They are very friendly nature and is helpful towards you. They are the specialist in this field. They design both interior and exterior part of the blind in your home. Blinds Cardiff welcome you to the company. Now have a look to this below various types of blind and fabric are used by them to decorate your windows and shutters.

Venetian Cardiff blind

They offer you wooden Venetian blind of four flat. You can look about the width. The width of the flat is 63mm. They also provide you with a high range of wooden painted color that will give you finish the look. The choice and the range of their finishing is incredible. The braid tapes are also available. They also offer you color coordination cords, ladder braids, headrails etc.

What is Venetian blind?

They are actually horizontal slats which are placed one above another. They are slatted blind which is made of plastic or metal. In se country like the US, it is also made of wood blind or bamboo blind. The width of the slat varies from 16 to 120mm and the common width is 25mm. You can pull the codes from the bottom of the blind to the upward direction. There are always two edges on each slat. The slat is rotated at 180°. It is rotated in 180° such as they overlap with one side which is inside and the opposite side which is outside.

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You can contact them and take appointment from them. You can search for them online or contact in the number given here 02921660424. They will provide you with expert fitted. You can also fill their online form so that they can contact you as early as possible. To book an appointment it is not a cup of tea you have to wait for a various month. They have inspiration ideas and solution for you. They always welcome you.


One of the best and innovative methods done by them is unique. You can avail the benefits from them. Come on have the tendency to grab the one from them. This will be the best you can get from them.

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