Avoiding Mother Nature’s wrath with your basement

 The basement isn’t just a place to store old and excess stuff, it can also be made to be a place of refuge whenever there are incoming thunderstorms or hurricanes, a storm shelter. A bit of Basement renovation will be needed in order to turn your regular basement into a basement of pure safety against the elements.

A storm shelter requires special construction which isn’t really hard to do and since you already have an existing structure being the basement, all you need to do is to make a few adjustments to turn that basement into a storm shelter.

Structural integrity

Since the basement is already located well beneath your house, you won’t have a lot to do with regards to the walls, all you need to concentrate on is how to secure the ceiling and beams if ever a hurricane or tornado hits. The most important aspect of any storm shelter is that it shields you from dangerously high winds and flying debris, while you may not have a problem with the walls that surround you, the ceiling of the basement is another story. Depending on the structure, you may need to add a few layers of protective covering for the ceiling if in any case the ceiling (being the floor) might fall apart.

Doomsday preppin’

Well, not really prepping for doomsday or whatever but it’s better to be safe than sorry. While still not in use (thankfully) your new storm shelter/basement can house all the things you might need in case of an emergency or natural catastrophe. You can stock non-perishable goods as well as water supplies, bug out bags, everything you might need in case of an emergency, and while you’re at it, you can also retrofit the storm shelter to make it feel a bit more “homey”.

All in all, the basement is a prime candidate for being a storm shelter. Not only do you have easy access to it, it also is as secure as can be, all you need to do is to build a tunnel for an alternative exit if in case the whole house comes crashing down which hopefully it will not.


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