Why sash window is the best investment for your house?

It’s the doors and windows of the house that illuminate its brilliance and illustrate the level of craftmanship put into the designing structure of the dome. It`s all about going unique and using the best work to lay an example in front of the people. No doubt that it requires investment but what`s the use of an investment then when you don’t reap the profits out of it.

Sash Window

In London, there`s a company called as London Box Sash Windows that does the work of designing and making sash windows and doors for houses, bungalows and apartments. Though it makes other products too like casement windows, French doors, but Sash Windows is the flagship product. They have been in the business for past 30 years and more than 85% of their clients come after a positive word of mouth of their services.

As the company calls it “Sash windows 50 years”, it truly abides by it, for it is their flagship, perhaps the best service they offer to their client. Being in the business for more than 3 decades, they have carved a niche for themselves all over UK and this brings large number of customers from all around. A lot of hard work and research has been put into the Sash Windows designing and structure. Longevity and performance are the key factor or the fundamentals over which the total construction and manufacture of the Sash Windows London rests upon.

Key benefits of Sash windows

  • Extremely durable- since the windows are made up of timber wood, you do not need to have second opinion on its durability. The sash windows are highly durable and they can last for 50 years without any maintenance issues
  • Stability- there isn’t any shrinkage and swelling up of the wood when exposed to extreme harsh weather conditions like rain, hot and cold temperatures
  • Low maintenance- as stated before, performance and longevity being the driving forces behind the construction, the sash windows have very low maintenance costs and they are instilled with the micro porous paints which keeps it fresh for long time.
  • Robust construction- tendon joints have been strengthened in the work and they are very strong to last for a long period of time
  • High performance- in order to protect the life of double glazing units, a uniquely drained glazing system is used to prevent the failures of all the glazing units since it lets go all the trapped moisture through the small holes
  • Insulating- the window also has been given natural thermal insulation which prevents the glasses from getting heated.

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