4 Questions To Ask While Buying Car Insurance

Different car insurance companies offer different attractions to the people. But, it’s our responsibility to ask & clear everything before buying the insurance. Most of the time, people return empty hand as their claim does not get passed due to the tricky policies of company. What should one do? Well, one can enquire properly before choosing the company. Here are top 5 questions that one must ask at such situations.

  1. Person liable to pay. What if your friend borrows your car & had an accident? This is very important thing & not mentioned in the car insurance quotes. Enquire about such cases & ask if company will pay the required amount.
  1. How your car is valued. Car insurance company values your car based on different factors. Due to this, most of the people do not get sufficient amount of money for car accidents as their car do not follow many factors that company measures. Do ask for the factors & confirm the amount you are going to get for your car crash.
  1. 24×7 Service. Most of the people do not pay attention on this point, even if it is written on the car insurance quotes. Such big minds may have to wait till the morning if they face an accident at mid night. Always, ask for the 24 hour service for registering the claim.

4. Will you get original parts? If you own a luxury car & had a crash, you will like to have original parts back in your car. What if your company says that it will only make your car movable, without taking in account the originality of parts? This is something that may disturb you a lot. You will not find it on the car insurance quotes of any company. Do not forget to ask the quality of service that you will get from your insurance company.

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