Tap into the happiness within you – a practical guide

We all are looking for happiness and often we search outside i.e. change jobs, relationships, we sing. Watch movies etc. But these pleasures are temporary and will never last for long. What one fails to understand is that happiness lies within us. One can tap into the inner world of bliss and happiness by Meditation. A practical meditation guide helps you to look for the energy that resides in you.

types of meditations

Why should you practice meditation?

Practise of meditation is like an act of kindness for others and as well as yourself. One has to put efforts to reach to a state of tranquillity and peace within themselves. Meditation makes you aware of yourself and your actions too. There are few types of meditations and the meditation guide will help you get a clearer picture.

  • Body scan meditation – While doing meditation, don’t force anything to happen. Let the mind wander and see how changes take place. Body scan provides an opportunity to practice responsiveness. Begin to lie down or sit comfortably on a chair or a floor. Then start to focus on your breath sensations. Then focus on your feet against the bed or floor and let the mind wander. And when the mind comes back shift your attention to the feet, shoulders etc.
  • Love Kindness meditation – Compassion is a focused mindfulness that breaks the barriers. In this practice one doesn’t need to force to make things happen. It is only to make some one realise their worth and self love. One can sit calmly and picture the child’s photo and continue repeating good wishes for your child to be happy, healthy etc. One can practice this meditation for self. To give positive affirmations and repeat it. In an unforced way one can send out compassionate vibrations.
  • Awareness of breaths – This practice will help you focus on the present. The aim is not to change the pattern of breathing but to provide focus on your attention. Sit comfortably in a place and focus on the floor. Set a timer to avoid looking at the clock often. Then focus on the breath going in and out, the chest is expanding and contracting.

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