SEO: Things to Keep in Mind in 2017

2017 is drawing to a close, but it doesn’t mean that you should already give up on this year to start preparing for the next. Since Google heavily dominates the online realm, reports indicate that the giant search engine’s algorithm changes about 600 times per year. Hence, you need to keep up with all the adapting and evolving if you always want to gain the upper hand in rankings.

But even though we’re always at the mercy of Google, the search engine is quite generous despite the rapid and huge changes it’s pulling out each year. Before you start preparing for what’s to come for SEO in 2018, here are some things to keep in mind regarding Google’s algorithm for the current year.

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Update: Fred

When Google’s algorithm update called “Fred” hit the online realm, it dealt a massive blow to a lot of websites. However, it didn’t just hit every website on the World Wide Web. Instead, Fred mainly targets ad-heavy sites. In that regard, it’s always important to always go for quality instead of quantity when building links. You’re better off concentrating your off-page SEO efforts to high-quality sites as opposed to spreading your links all over the Internet without thinking about quality. If you do mass linking methods, then Google might think that it’s all part of a link scheme. As a result, your site may get penalized for that.

Mobile Interstitial Consequences

There’s nothing worse than trying to go to a website using your mobile device only to be blocked from viewing the page because of a giant popup. What’s even worse is that there might not seem to be any way around the giant popup advertisement that’s now taking the entire screen of your mobile gadget. Albeit Google does understand the need for online advertisements (it does sell PPC ads, after all), the search engine does know about the frustrations of having to go to websites without any thought of applying techniques to improve the user experience. As such, Google ranks these websites lower than others since the dawn of 2017.

Mobile-First Indexing

Another cumbersome way of browsing the World Wide Web with the use of your mobile device is when you’re trying to access a website, only to find out that it’s not mobile friendly. Hence, you zoom in a number of times to read the text or view images on your small screen. Now, when you head to another page on the website, you’d have to zoom in a few times once more. The process is just downright annoying, and Google also knows of such a predicament for online users. Google’s own experts even know this thought for a fact that they’ve even pulled out a statement telling the world that most people are now using mobile devices to go through the various websites from search results. As such, the giant search engine will put websites that are mobile friendly in higher regard than those that are only optimized for desktop use.

Upon reaching the end of this post, you now know that the key takeaway for SEO is that it’s managing how your website looks and sounds on the Web. If you need help in that regard, you might need the assistance of experts. If so, then check out SEO Agentur for more information.

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