Different carpet store flooring types found in carpet stores

Single flooring type does not meet all requirements. Each department has its own set of demands. Particularly when it comes to departmental stores it is a challenging choice. Any small loophole might result in loss of customers. A keen look into niche areas makes sure everything falls into place. So keeping this in view carpet stores are coming up with new types of flooring.

Give a no entry to noise to with carpet tile

Traditional carpets will ensure that no noise enters inside in crowded places like hotels and offices. Here each tile is placed individually, so carpet type can be chosen depending on one’s taste. Also there is a scope for individual replacement of tiles incase of wear and damage instead of taking the whole piece out.

Vinyl flooring for crowded places: These floors are damage and dirt resistant and so best suited for heavily crowded places like retail stores and big hospitals. You can easily wash the stains away instead of removing or replacing them. They are available in lots of colours and designs.

Rubber floors for large spaces:  This type of flooring is also stain resistant and can be used in big restaurants, airports and office spaces. They require very minimum maintenance and resist water and heat, so can be used in places like restaurants. They can also absorb sound and give a soft feel while walking. Available in various colours and designs, they look fancy also.

Classic wood floors

Wood floors are ever green and up to date fashion any time. They are easy to maintain but suffer damage from water. So it is advisable not to use them in areas where there is lot of water usage. Otherwise they can be used in places like hotels and other commercial places to give an eternal look to your business spaces.

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