Different Styles of Hookah to Choose From

Nowadays, hookah or shisha is one of the most socially accepted forms of tobacco use. Most of the people tend to turn towards hookah rather than cigarettes because of the health implications. Moreover, it’s legal in most of the parts of the world, which has made it even more popular. Hookah shisha has now become one of the most prestigious forms of self-indulgence and relaxation.

You can find hookahs in most expensive clubs and lounges as it’s the most social way to enjoy tobacco in public. In fact, you can find many communities and cultural groups that use hookah shisha in most of their gatherings and claim that it’s an integral part of their culture. However, these are not only the reasons why the hookahs are getting popular; they are also getting popular because people choose the hookahs as the alternative to the cigarettes.

Hookahs are also owned by individuals who like to smoke it on a regular basis. If you want to own a hookah, here are the different styles of hookahs that you can buy and the accessories that you could need for a hookah:

Different styles of hookahs:

Pharaoh’s Hookah

This 30-inch tall hookah closely resembles the Royal shisha’s origins. The hookah is coated with gold and leather that gives it a very premium look. This hookah literally defines the elegance of the original hookah style. The pharaoh’s hookah is combined with a handcrafted glass water base which makes you think that this might have been originally used by the pharaohs.

The flower base hookah

This hookah is a combination of the ancient looks of the traditional hookahs and the design trend of the modern world. The flower base hookah is a great option to keep at home. Its convertible two-hose characteristics are bound to blend in right into any home, while not attracting unwanted attraction because of its flower vase shape.

The new age hookah

The new age hookahs are a combination of the design trends of the 21st century with the traditional hookah shape. Generally, with the height of around 19 inches these hookahs combine metal surfaces with dark color schemes, perfectly representing the modern trends in the world of hookah.

Accessories those are essential for hookahs:

Hookah Cleaning brush

These narrow brushes are essential to keep your shishas clean and shiny. As the smoke that builds inside the hookah contains tobacco there are chances that it may damage the shisha if left not attended. This is why you should keep a hookah cleaning brush.

Bowl Screen

It’s not an unknown fact that the fumes that come out due to the burning of foil can be poisonous and can affect your body adversely. To get rid of those fumes you can use reusable steel bowl screens rather than using the foils.

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