Drawbacks of voucher codes

The existence of coupon or coupon codes or voucher codes or discount codes are acquired a huge popularity in the current marketing strategy. The names are defined as different but its meaning resembles the same. You are provided with an option of  Plusvouchercode for the item you are supposed to purchase with some amount of discount. The item can be anything, you have to redeem the discount codes and purchase the item correspondingly.

existence of coupon

Let’s focus on drawbacks of these coupons like Plusvouchercode;

  • As we are aware of a positive thought about coupons or coupon codes, they eventually gives you discounts on your purchased item. This is just a myth. Because it is a company’s plan to attract customers which make you loss in your investment. People used to focus on the reasonable prices. This is a margin line of a company feature today. Based on this feature only, they sell their existed stock with a discount to the customers. This stock is associated with good look and strong but with lack of quality.
  • Consider clothing; discount clothes usually after one regular wash, you may face color fades away and some might tear easily. This is the reason why people are not allowed to check the cloth completely and some shopping malls ask you not to open it even before purchase. This is a live example today in current shopping malls. You may also encounter this situation in online shopping as well. Only the customers those who receive coupons for the first time will not be visible in the next session. This kind of voucher marketing will kills company’s brand image as well. Offering coupons is in short, the brand image of the product is meant for perceived branded product only.


Shopping for your favorite items and products at a throw away price is a form of art which is not an easy job; it requires real talent to use your mind and logics efficiently. But technology has made a lot of things more fun, easy and entertaining. Hence look for the best coupons if you realize this fact and purchase quality items at throw away prices even though it is cost expensive.

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