Electric Guitar Kit Building: Bring the Sounds of Your Work to Life

 There’s something about creating something that brings joy to certain individuals. Is it the joy that allows them to bring their creative instincts to life? Is it the possibility of showing their creations to the world? Does it bring a sense of euphoria as you see, feel, and hear the pieces joining together? Perhaps it’s all of the above.

For electric guitar builders, using a kit to help them build a masterpiece to call their very own is one of the main pleasures of bringing their music to life. A DIY electric guitar kit is highly customizable, and there are plenty of kits that even allow music enthusiasts to paint their creations. But like any kit-building process, there are unwritten rules that you might want to follow so that you can achieve a finish that’s worthy of flaunting to the music community.

Test Fit Before Bolting or Gluing Parts

 Test fit all the major pieces together before gluing or bolting them in place, even if the instructions don’t say that you should do this first. In doing so, you can check any issues the kit may have and you can immediately (and easily) rectify those concerns. If you wait until the electric guitar is fully built only to find out that one (or more) of the pieces don’t fit well with each other, then it can affect the overall performance of the musical instrument, which might even ultimately affect the sound coming out of it. So do yourself a favor and spend some time to test fit the parts before you even begin building.

Take Your Time

The excitement of completing the kit can well up in every fiber of your being as you continue to attach pieces of your soon-to-be electric guitar. However, don’t let this excitement make you impatient as it might cause you to commit errors. For example, before finishing the unit, you might have to install certain parts such as the tailpiece or bridge. These elements require precision as their alignment is critical to the overall sound of the guitar. Fail on this step, and you might find yourself struggling to get the perfect sound to come out of your instrument.

Decide on a Finish

Many electric guitar kits allow you to design the musical instrument to your liking. You can choose from a broad array of paint options as you let out your creative instincts to your creation. For instance, you can choose a nitrocellulose lacquer to paint the guitar with a sunburst pattern. On that note, do make sure that you know how to apply the pattern on your guitar before you even attempt it as it’s seen as one of the most challenging designs you can place in such an instrument.

Once again, don’t be too excited even when you attach the final piece to the electric guitar. Let your new electric guitar acclimate to its surroundings and make sure that the paint is dry before trying to test out how it sounds. Be patient and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor in the end.


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