How Pepper Spray Can Help Women

Women are most vulnerable and they are physically abused, groped or stalked. There isn’t always a person that would help them in such situations, they would have to take it upon themselves and see that they can protect themselves such perverts. Each person may not know self defence martial arts. If the predator has weapons, it is more difficult, it is always better to find a chance to find a chance to escape or buy time so that you could call for help or get rid of his/her weapon. It is good to carry a women’s pepper spray.

women’s pepper spray

Pepper sprays have to be light weight and easily concealable, this way, the attacker will have no idea what he/she is going to get back. It should provide quick and swift action and effective enough so you can make your escape or disarm the person. These pepper sprays were said to be bought more by working women or women who would returning late and sometimes at such hours the lanes or roads are deserted which is opportune time for people to rob you of your valuables, grope or even rape the victim. It is but natural to scream or kick or scratch the attacker but sometimes people are miles away to hear you and your effort of defence may not help to escape from the vicious clutches of the tormentor, hence your best bet in such cases would be the pepper spray, especially in the eyes, this will blind the attacker for quite some time and you could call for help. Use women’s pepper spray.

Pepper sprays have been in existence for some time now and people are still making many changes to make more effective and help the users to make good of as any other weapon in their kitty. The dexterity and easy to use in such situations plays a vital role, which help you overcome many such obstacles in day today life. Such instances keep happening in the city and you may just counter it by saying it may not happen to me, but is better to be safe than sorry.

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