How to make a guitar amplifier at home

When anyone want to go guitar classes or want to learn playing guitar,they need guitar,some people can buy and some cant,for whom cant afford to buy a guitar or have plan to buy guitar in later time here is the guitar and the steps how to make and use it.

You might be thinking for making guitar at home also requires some things which may be expensive, your are wrong here are the Materials required for the preparation of  guitar amplifier are LM386 chip,.047uF ceramic capacitor,9 volt battery, Perfboard, Old headphones, 10 ohm resistor, 10K potentiometer. As you have some minimum knowledge it is  enough to make a guitar amp, you should take a breadboard for circuiting the elements.if it works well on the breadboard then you can implement in soldered circuit if it does not work you should check the circuit and the connections well. Electric guitars are almost using magnetic pickups and it finally generates an electric signal when the musician or guitarist plucks and strums.

After assembling all the circuitry elements to the board you can start adding the pots, it is better to use 5k pot thereby add the variable resistance and the speaker. Check everything well according to the circuit and test the guitar amp.with the help of the pin numbers and chip diagrams you can draw a circuit. Adjust the capacitor values to nearest capacitance can use any sized speaker between 6-8 ohms and a battery of voltage 9 volts. You can buy all the components through online or near at your home. After connecting the circuit check the speakers.

Before making the guitar amp gather all your components and understand the circuit well and if any doubt about circuit check the sites and go through them for more information for getting the clarity be hassle free every time.


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