Metric flat washers

A washer is defined as a thin and disk-shaped plate with a hole placed in the middle. Most of the washers have a larger outer diameter and a smaller inner diameter where the inner one is the actual half of its outer. But not always, the measurement can differ widely. It is normally used to divide the load of a nut or a screw. In general, washers are made of plastic or metal substances. Now you should know what the use of a washer is. There are different types of washers are available. Depending on the mechanism of the washer, it can be used as a spacer, spring, preload indicating device, wear pad, locking device etc. Rubber washers are used to reduce vibration. Amongst varieties of washers, metric flat washers are one of the most important types of washer.

use of metric flat washer

What is the use of metric flat washer?

A standard washer is generally used for two purposes:

  • It distributes the pressure of the nut symmetrically over the surface to prevent the surface from being damaged.
  • It ensures that the nut should be pressed against an even surface. Thus it reduces the chance of getting contact with an uneven surface.

Metric flat washers are designed to distribute the total load of a screw and are basically used for general industrial applications. It is a flat and thin metallic structure with a centrally located hole. There are varieties of this type of flat washers. Depending on the diameter, length, material, grade and finish you will find hundreds of different types of washers. It can be made of brass, steel, plastic, nylon etc.

According to your requirement, that is, where and for which purpose you are going to use this flat washer, you have to choose the perfect size, shape and the perfect material also. Otherwise, your purpose will not be served at all. Make sure about the specifications before you buy one, or you can take help from a technical person regarding your requirement.

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