Tips to differentiate between space heaters

Space heaters are used in small areas to heat the place and stay warm. Space heaters warm the cold air and keep the room warm which is usually a small area. With technology, there are all types and sizes of space heaters that can be used in a small area or a large area or even outside. With so many varieties of space heaters available, you even find one that is on high on pocket when it comes to paying electricity bills. So, the point is if you are looking to buy one, how do you choose a correct one with so many options in the market and with every one advertising their product to be the best one.

Types of space heaters:

  1. Convection heaters: These heaters use one or two elements to heat the air that comes in contact with it and heat is circulated with the fans installed in it. They work quietly while functioning by generating heat slowly but the generated heat stays for a long time.
  1. Radiant heaters: They use diathermic oil, a liquid that circulates through some connected pipes that helps to generate heat. They generate heat quite quickly and are very good instant space heaters for small areas rather than large spaces. Radiant heaters can also use fuel like gas that comes in handy during electricity breakdown.
  1. Conductive heaters: They use heating elements made from a combination of chromium and nickel or made from mica that generates heat by converting electricity into heat. These heaters are portable.

Identifying the heaters:

  1. Infrared and quartz heaters come under radiant heaters that use electromagnetic induction to transfer heat. When quartz filament is used in heaters, the heater has it installed behind the safety mesh.
  2. Infrared heaters are usually in a box which generate heat from the stilt made in the mesh covered upper portion of the box.
  3. On the other hand, made from metal, Fuel heaters do not require electricity as they run on fuel and are provided with a hose for regulating heat and for using the fuel.
  4. All types of electric heaters use the same method to heat the air and hence all of them are same efficient in terms of energy. However, the quantity of heat that is given by the heater depends on the amount of electricity used.


Choosing a space heater absolutely on your requirement about space, amount of heat required and also remember about the safety factor while choosing one.


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