E-commerce Website Design for the Total Noob

The online marketplace is the latest trend. More entrepreneurs are bringing in their flagship goods and services to wider community of the world wide web. Because of the opportunity that e-commerce can provide to a business, there is also a high number of online enterprises offering the same merchandise or service that you offer. Standing out among all entrepreneurs begging to be different is a tough act. What does it take to earn visibility among competitors and gain customers that are thousands of miles away? E-commerce website design development.

What is e-commerce?

To begin, e-commerce is the exchange of goods and services through electronic systems such as the Internet. The transactions take advantage of the world wide web, including but not limited to fund transfers, e-mail transactions, electronic systems, online marketing, advertising. Businesses have successfully advertised their tangible stores to gain more customers while the others set up a virtual online store to save start-up costs. Being successful in e-commerce takes more than a fancy website published overnight. Colorful and decorative layouts and text details do not suffice in attracting customers and even advertisers. The challenge does not stop when you have put up a website with a domain name and front page. Gaining visibility not only means putting your store on the Internet map, but taking advantage of the search engine facilities too. Search engines produce lists of results when an online user searches for information. Below are some of the important terminologies that a noob (hint: newbie) must know as an introduction:

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the most popular process of earning viewers to a website. This involves organic way of increasing your chances of showing at higher ranks of major search engine websites like Google. When an online user finds a business and searches for certain keywords, search engines calculate and searches through the massive library of the Internet and find the potentially suitable links to suggest. Through search engine’s algorithm, it looks for websites that have contents closest to the keywords searched.

Search Engine Marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. It is a form of online marketing through under the hood optimizations. This involves promotion of your business outside the webpage. Paid and unpaid advertising belong to this category as well. Through various marketing strategies through social media platforms, e-mail domains, and web analytics to name a few, your business page gets a bump closer to ideal page rankings. Take note that the top methods in gaining visibility does not necessarily come from aesthetics. The contents of the online shop or online menu of services must contain keywords connecting potential customers and your business.

What is website development?

Website Design Development helps define the nature of your business that you put out to the market and goes way beyond buy instagram likes. The process of knowing who to attract and how to attract help decide how professional developers can improve your website. Depending on the nature of your goods or services, experts can come up of systems adapted to you and your customers’ needs. An online store showcasing several products may integrate a shopping cart to make online visitors more comfortable. Some offer accounts where clients get to save their shopping carts or wish lists for future references. There have been chances wherein customers are put off with the lack of system within the website.

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