Forbrukeretaten Power Prices Comparison in 2017

Why do we need to compare prices? Many consumers have stayed loyal to their energy supplier for years, confining themselves to one provider without first considering their options since many of which may be cheaper. If you are usually  comparing power providers, you allow yourself to be aware of the many, money saving options that are available to you. Not only are there a number of different companies that are offering cheaper rates to customers, there are also a number of different types of plans being offered.

How Can I Save Money If Energy Prices are Constantly Changing?

The best way to save money on energy plans at a time like this is to compare the prices being offered. It is also important that you don’t deprive yourself to the try-out “big” companies in the electricity markets. List of Top Power Providers.

            A list of the top power providers has been listed by Check out the link for additional information.

  • Agva Spot Optional.

            kWh Price – -3.3 øre Monthly Price – 0 kr

            Agva Kraft AS is a Norwegian power supplier that offers electricity to the private customers. The company was founded January 15, 2015, under Lysaker in Bærum and is a subsidiary of Telinet Energi AS. Agva Kraft exclusively purchases electricity from renewable sources. The company has stated origin guarantees as a way of promoting renewable energy.

Agva Kraft AS is part of a larger Nordic venture with operations in Norway and Sweden. In Sweden, the Telinet group is in the retail market through the company Telinet Energi AB. It was then reported that in May 2016, the company also started providing services to the corporate market.

  • Norway Energy Spot. (Norges energi)

            kWh Price – 3.6 øre Monthly Price – 27 kr

            Since 1999, Norges Energi fought in Norway’s energy to cut lower costs for their customers. Ever since, they are the ones who offered cheap power until now. According to the TNS Gallup (Energy Barometer, 2005 – 2015), 1 out of 4 prefer Norway’s energy. There are almost 100 power suppliers in Norway.

  • AKRAFT AS. (“Always Cheap Power”)

            kWh Price – -0.5 øre Monthly Price – 0 kr

Akraft AS was created in late 2014 and has been known to always provide cheap power to its consumers. Customers will always find Akraft AS on top of the power price lists as the cheapest power supplier. They have created a different bonus program, which no one else in the industry offers. The longer you stay with Akraft AS, the more you earn your bonus.

The company is owned by Lærdal Energi AS and is run by skilled professionals with long experience from the energy industry.


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