Get amazing Installs for your Android

Dawn of Creation

You have finally created your first app! Now what? How will people see it? How will they purchase it? For the public to be able to buy your app, you must purchase app installs for Android. Different websites use app installs to draw traffic to new apps using other apps which are called “app incentives”.

 Foot Traffic

App consumers are created in many ways. Organically is the most common form. Most app developer companies work with bigger app corporations and resellers which in turn cost more money.

Once your app is developed, you can purchase installs which will allow a certain number of users to purchase your app. This costs around $0.1 per install. Depending on the company you choose, you could have up to 20,000 installs available if not more.


Game apps usually accrue the most app installs so this is easy revenue for the new app developer. Depending on the complexity of the game, you can reach over 100 app installs per day which is money in your pocket.

 Buying Installs

There are quite a few different programs and websites to choose from when looking to purchase app installs for your newly created app for Android. One is Here, they use developers with many years of experience to gain organic foot traffic from multiple types of users. Instead of going elsewhere to get installs for android, it is cheaper to buy directly from this website. They do not use bots or emulators which mean this company only works with real humans on real devices. Nothing is computer generated.

 Different Avenues

There are multiple companies that you can buy app installs from and is another. They cover apps for Android users only and are known globally across over 200 countries. Founded in 2014, this company uses CPI technology and has in-house tracking. All installs are performed by live users making real purchases.


Depending on the category you choose to sell your app with, there is the CMP model, the CPI model, or the CPC model. There are very big differences. With the CPM model, for every 1,000-ad impression miles, you will be charged. The CPC model, the advertisers are charged per click while promoting that specific app. With the CPI model, you are paying per actual app install per consumer which in turn is the most efficient.

 Choice of Company

INMOBI seems to be the most widely used network currently up and running. This network hails over 40,000 users available and registered users. This application uses not only Android, but also Windows, and Blackberry, one of the more outdated phones currently on the market. However, the opportunity for your app to be discovered on this network is highly likely.


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