Heeding the Challenge of PMS Integration

The year 216 has seen how the hotel industry has introduced certain innovations to provide customers an enhanced experience. The hotel property management system or hotel PMS was well – accepted in the mainstream causing a considerable number of hotels leaving in – premise legacy systems.

The cloud – based hotel PMS has changed the landscape of how some hotels have operated and served customers. The positive reception accorded to the platform and the observed improvement in operations and customer satisfaction has prompted hoteliers to join the so – called “industry bandwagon”. Hoteliers, however, are confronted with the challenge that the integration of PMS in their property’s day – to – day operations.

Training of Staff for System Familiarization

Mainstreaming hotel operations and services entails training of staff to acquire skills and knowledge needed to optimize the use of the platform. Although hotel property management system comes with a user – friendly interface, the importance of having employees undergo training should not be undermined.

Engaging in Software Evaluation

Hoteliers have to recognize the fact that a property management system is a software after all. Introducing it to the day – to – day hotel operations require astute management predilection. Software evaluation constitutes a significant role in giving the hoteliers the idea of what to get from the system.

In some cases, service providers are hesitant to allow unrestricted access to their trials. This presents a situation that could blatantly transform into a serious problem when left unresolved. However, there are instances that service providers conduct demos that allow hoteliers to ask questions about the features of the system and it works when integrated into the whole hotel operations. This is a good venue for the hoteliers to raise queries on the product. There is also an online demonstration, which is made available by some service providers.

Lowering Cost, Improving Functionality

With the rising cost in other commodities and highly – intensified competition among hotels in the industry, hoteliers have to confront the challenge of lowering costs and improve functionality. Most service providers of PMS offer less expansive software package but do not offer complete solution. They opt to offer front desk capabilities with limited modules to work with. Cheaper systems produced by local companies fail to establish real – time connection to Global OTAs. They also have come up with a system that does not support mobile optimization.

Relying on Flexibility for Systems Integration

Integrating PMS into the system suggests that the already existing system can be attuned to the new system to be introduced. The use of PMS in hotels will also have an impact on hotels that are used to the outdated systems. So it is really important that the integration of PMS into the existing system provides for a flexible transition from the outdated systems to the use of PMS.

With the onset of significant changes in the hotel industry, it is not enough for hoteliers to join the bandwagon of purchasing PMS. The challenge goes beyond this and extends to aspects such as staff training and reorientation, software evaluation, and decreasing cost while improving functionality.

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