Important pointers for a good website

Every second new websites are being made in the cyber space. They are competing with each other to grab the attention of target audience. So, what are the factors or pointers that must be in mind while making a website, so that it can reach to the right people? Good websites are known for their accessibility, identity, navigation and content. The web agency will help the website to be designed and projected in the best possible ways.

Let’s have a look on important pointers for a good website:

Contrast with background

Contrast between background and the foreground should be kept balanced so that it does not stress eyes of visitors. A lot of vivid colors sometimes distract them.

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Spacing should be adequate to make one feel comfortable while reading. Text size should not be too big or too small; otherwise it may lead to frustration.

Logo and Tag line

Your company’s logo and tagline should be there on your website. Tagline is also important. Tagline should be a few words description of what you do. It is also important for the SEO.

Home page

Home page should be easily understandable in a few seconds. There should be information of what you do in “About us” page. Contact information should be clearly navigated so that people can contact you easily. Your contact information should be in text, not as a picture – it will be picked up by search engines.


Main navigation should be clear, concise and easily identifiable. “Meet us” should not be written when “contact us” can give a clear idea. If your website has two navigations then it should be clearly written why there are two ways of navigating.

Make your website visitor friendly. You can add some application like mobile apps or shopping solutions. Keep these pointers in your mind while looking for the best web design agency and you will get a lot of visitors on your website.

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