UC Mini Browser – for android smartphones

After the success of UC browser, Alibaba group has now developed a mini version of it with the same main features and some extra special features. UC mini is a tiny browser that takes less space and is fast to download too, which makes it apt to be used on smart phones. It has won many awards for being the best browser app for android phones.

Why UC browser is good a for smart phone? Does it really work?

When browsing on a phone, all of us need a browser that supports our mobile phone. And UC is one such browser that takes only 5MB of space and the download takes only 20MB. It is very apt for any type of mobile phone which includes even a low range phone.

Phones have a smaller screen when compared to any other gadgets. So, it is good to have key access to many apps in an easy and comfortable way. The in-app widgets which are called as cards can be customized and placed as per your choice. The app is constantly updated and hence you get the latest news on things of your choice and the list of cards is not limited also.

UC Mini

Security is another feature that is essential while you browse on a smart phone. The app itself comes scanned for virus and hence your information is safe too. The sophisticated caches also ensure safety and security.

When you watch any videos, you can keep them private with UC mini. Nobody will know about the information that you have checked.

As browsing on phone is so comfortable, all of us like to browse on it and hence managing data is a concern. The faster browsing and downloading helps to save time and data. Moving to text only option while you are on mobile data is another key feature that is unique to UC browser.

We know the inconvenience of advertisements while you browser. With UC browser, you have a lock feature where you can browse ad free.

There is a shortcut to place the social apps comfortably on the app with which you can access them easily at just a click away and you are constantly updated about activities of your friends on these social media apps.

With a usual browser, we download or work on one thing at a time due to the concern of data usage and speed. However, with UC, the download manager is such that you can download many things simultaneously and there is no decrease in the speed also. It does all this and saves the file according to its type.

You can control the videos with gestures and have voice commands to search anything on web.

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