Virtual Assistant and Communication Tools

As a freelancer, having part time jobs for fast and extra money is good but not a reliable source of income. Even if you stack them together, it is not always that the project will be given to you and sometimes there are providers which take advantage of it to scam freelancers for free labor.

Therefore, in freelancing, part time or project based task is not a stable income. You are most likely to spend that time in finding a more reliable and secure means of income through full-time home-based jobs. You probably start off with an administrative position such as virtual assistants since it has minimum requirements that almost all people can satisfy. All you need is that you have a stable internet, good computer with a headset, able to speak and write English well.

Job Description

Well, most of the tasks assigned to virtual assistants are administrative varying from email management, data entry, non-voice, and voice customer support, and other office works that the employers want. Even though, you have probably noticed that most of them are related to handling calls from clients.

Since having no experience in being a virtual assistant, you probably noticed that you have to handle lots of calls but realize that the employer’s business operates in their own country. You began to wonder the description like how to contact someone’s phone that has a complete network provider and located overseas.

Power of the Internet

As a virtual assistant, you are mostly working at home while your employer is overseas. Communication is very crucial in such setup and emails are not a sufficient medium to effectively deliver information to each other. Even though local telecommunication providers have the ability to render services such as international calls, it is very expensive and not a feasible option.

But with the power of the internet, there are much cheaper and convenient means of communicating and connecting people overseas. It is called the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. It is also known as soft phoning which you can deliver digital contents through the internet in forms like voice and video call.

Partner in Crime

There are many kinds of VoIP, some are free and others have a monthly subscription for additional features. There are also VoIP providers that integrated both physical models of the phone accessible through cloud based interface. It means that it can be managed via the internet connection. There are tons of providers and you can see reviews on the website of voiptoners. There are also cost efficient for the owner since every transaction is done through the internet and free of additional charges regardless of the network provider of the client.

Since it is mostly like become your partner in your daily tasks, VoIP software can help you in terms of calling clients from other countries and redirect calls important calls to your boss. There are also features to fully utilize such as email management, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing.

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